Increasing Speed, Reliability And Marketing Effectiveness


Sometimes solving one problem leads to ABC_mockup_10-2017.pngpowerful, unexpected benefits.

Atlanta Bread Company, a national chain of cafes, was struggling with slow, unstable customer Wi-Fi. When it found a solution that significantly increased Wi-Fi speed and strengthened security, the chain also discovered a source of enlightening data that it could use to boost its marketing.

Suddenly, we were able to find out how long people were staying inside our cafes… what their habits were, their frequency of visits; they gave us a multitude of data. Bloom Intelligence gave us the opportunity to offer high-speed Wi-Fi while building our sales as well.

- Bob Cross, Vice President of Operations, Atlanta Bread Company

Download our case study to learn how Atlanta Bread Company’s new customer Wi-Fi solution helped the chain:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase Wi-Fi speeds by 50%
  • Enhance Wi-Fi security
  • Collect over 30,000 customer email addresses
  • Galvanize over 9,000 customer reviews