Leverage ecommerce tools in your restaurant or risk obsolescenceDriving Traffic and Loyalty to Restaurants Through Marketing Automation_Cover Image.png

It is a new world. A world where e-commerce companies like Amazon are disrupting entire industries. A key component that allows online companies to grow is the ability to measure customer behavior, capture customer profiles, and then use the data to create personalized marketing campaigns that increase customer spend and frequency. 

In this free e-Book, you'll learn how to leverage digital tools to be able to:

  • Measure & analyze customer behavior
  • Capture your customer's digital profiles
  • Create intelligent marketing campaigns

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“Using data/ insights to drive decisions is the single biggest weapon in this war to remain relevant in the world of the new consumer” “Investing in technology rather than digital ads is the reason Starbucks dodged the seismic shift in consumer behavior that has knocked traditional retailers”
- 2017 Restaurant Technology Study, HOSPITALITY TECHNOLOGY - CEO, Howard Schultz