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Gazella WiFi recently joined forces with Bloom Intelligence to bring you the world's best-in-class WiFi marketing and customer Intelligence hub.


Today's ultra-competitive marketplace calls for a solution that can propel brick-and-mortar companies past their competition without breaking the bank. 

Now you've found it! The Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing and customer intelligence hub is the answer.

Our Powerful WiFi Marketing and Analytics Platform empowers you to:

  • Measure offline customer behavior with detailed, comprehensive presence analytics.
  • Passively build individual customer profiles and massive lists of customers and their contact information.
  • Marketing automation to improve customer loyalty and spend. Save at-risk customers and measure satisfaction.
  • Track every marketing campaign for tangible ROI, all the way down to a customer walking back in your door.
  • Impressive white-glove customer service. We will even provide customer service to your customers.

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