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WiFi Analytics

Whether a customer logs into WiFi or not, your clients can passively collect anonymous data around their behavior at your locations. 

You can measure location traffic and performance with customer KPI's such as the customers':

dwell times, frequency, visit counts, and even if your customer is at risk of churning or not coming back, and much more.


CRM Database

Passively build a clean customer database of your clients' guests in real-time, 24/7.

Once customers opt into the WiFi landing page, social, or your client's website, they can automatically collect names, emails, phone numbers, zip codes, and birthdays.

Once a customer opts-in, we associate their device to their customer profile so that your clients not only know who their customers are, but also their behavior.

The more information that collected from guests, your clients can unlock customer insight, segment into lists to personalize communication, and trigger marketing that drives ROI. 


Now your clients can utilize their clean customer database to re-market to their customers.

Bloom's growth tools allow them to automatically increase customer loyalty, build online reviews, increase average spend per visit, and save at-risk customers

Bloom campaign reporting provides an overview of campaign results, return on investment, every customer who received an email, and who returned again. 




The Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing and analytics platform empowers restaurant and retail locations to:

  • Strengthen insights into customer behavior and location performance. 
  • Use data analytics to streamline and improve operations. 
  • Create and automate marketing initiatives that boost sales and revenue. 
  • Leverage marketing tools that bring more customers into locations and keep them coming back. 
  • Expand social media reach, increase email signups, and motivate online customer reviews.