Automating Ratings & Reviews Collection and Measuring Customer Sentiment.

Receiving more and better customer ratings is key to growing your customer base, increasing revenue, and driving down costs – and this is expected to remain the case for quite some time.

In this guide, we will show you how to increase the number of ratings and reviews you can receive on websites like Google and Facebook, and how you can completely automate the process. 

Then, we'll show you how to use social proof to find new customers or increase your revenue.

This white paper will give you ideas and instructions on how to save valuable time while increasing customer lifetime values, getting more net-new customers, and improving your restaurant reputation!

Automating Ratings & Reviews Collection and Measuring Customer Sentiment

In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative to be purposeful about creating automation to keep your customers happy, and having processes in place to find new customers, improve your online ratings, bring back lost customers, and increase your customer frequency.  

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Bloom Intelligence is a centralized WiFi marketing automation and customer experience platform. Bloom allows physical locations to get discovered by new customers, receive omnichannel customer insights, keep their customers coming back, and be their customer’s champions.

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